Sunday, 9 September 2012

Whatever Happened to the 'New' Man?

Two weeks after my youngest daughter was born I was introduced as 'our token new man'. Never a term I was truly comfortable with; on reflection though, I could see why I was described in such a way. Though never the 'token man'  I was the one who could cook, ('You're a man who knows his way round a kitchen'), who read, talked about World Cinema, appreciated the pain of childbirth, wore pink without being self-conscious, knew something about female emotions, yet didn't try anything on with my female colleagues.

The term 'New Man' has very much disappeared in the modern vocabulary, but the 'principles' of the movement, if there ever was one, are values which should hold true in modern society.

I am going to use this blog to share my opinions, values, interests and observations on  a range of events, issues and matters of current concern to the World or myself. Feel free to share or ignore as you see fit.

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